Passover Together

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

On Passover Shalheveth hosted 40 adults with severe physical disabilities, from Shalheveth’s apartment complex, Beit Tamar, Maon Gilo and private homes, together with their care givers, at a Dead Sea Resort. The seder was led by Baruch Fisheimer who has been leading the seder for Shalheveth’s Pesach project for over 15 years. Participants spoke of a Jewish, extremely emotional experience, full of song and dance. They truly felt part of the community. They expressed their appreciation of being able to encounter and celebrate with Israelis spending time at the hotel in a normative and natural way. Another seder was held in Beit Shalheveth led by Rabbi Zvi Dardik, the rabbi of a community in the neighbourhood. There too participants expressed their joy and their appreciation at being able to hold a seder in their own home.

This vital Pesach Project was made possible by the generous support of the Shtieblach Synagogue of Hachish Street in Jerusalem together with individual private donors from across the country.


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