Since 1986, Shalheveth has been helping adults with severe physical disabilities in wheelchairs improve levels of self-confidence and feelings of self-worth through a variety of activities aimed at fostering integration into society as autonomous equals. Self-actualization and inclusion in community activities are important elements in this process. By providing suitable living facilities, as well as social and cultural activities, severely physically challenged adults are able to live an ‘ordinary’ life.

Our target population is adults in wheelchairs whose extreme physical disabilities, caused by cerebral palsy, polio, birth defects, brain tumors and more severely limit their ability to function physically, despite full cognitive and intellectual capacity.











“There is no substitute for the right to privacy and complete autonomy along with the tools and support that I have available to me. Shalheveth’s apartment complex project has made this possible for me. This model has placed in my physically limited hands choices and options that I have never previously had.”

“Together with my neighbors in the building, who are also physically challenged, and with their support, I have become more confident and take more initiative with other people. I feel it is important to point out the atmosphere created in the building by the joint activities, workshops, meetings and tenants’ evenings, all of which have contributed and contribute to the intimate atmosphere. All this takes place within a framework of independent living, without the interference of outsiders, only with the assistance of the tenants themselves.”

"I want to thank you for organizing the Sabbath dinners. They give us strength and the desire to continue on despite all the difficulties. Just knowing that someone is behind us who cares makes a big difference in my life."