"Bright Lights" project


Project goal: To provide severely physically challenged adults the opportunity to enjoy an ordinary social life, partake in recreational and cultural activities and celebrate holidays in a communal environment.


The following activities are offered:


The Jerusalem Parliament of Disabled Adults

- four major events  of a cultural or recreational nature for 100 people


$2,000 per event


Passover Seder at a hotel in Eilat or the Dead Sea including hotel, food and wheelchair accessible transportation for 60 disabled people and 35 caregivers and organizers




Passover Seder at Shalheveth Apartments for people who cannot attend the larger Seder outside of Jerusalem (20 people)




Holiday celebrations open to the community at Shalheveth Apartments (80 people)


$1,500 per event


Weekly Friday night festive dinners (8 people per dinner)


$125 per dinner


Enrichment activities (gardening course; art class; cooking class)

$1,000 per month per course including materials


4 day/3 night guided tours to different tourist sites throughout Israel

 $1,000 per person including caregiver


Overseas trip

$4,500 per person including caregiver


Wish List


"New Prospects" Project                    
Funding support needed: $18,000


Project goal: To assist adults with disabilties to integrate into today’s society through employment opportunities that allow them to meet and relate to people outside of friends and family, while actively contributing to their living expenses.


The Shalheveth Shuttle


The event of the van breaking down or needing a service is not only inconvenient to those using the shuttle service but causes great difficulty. As the van is subject to a tremendous amount of wear and tear we must periodically purchase a new vehicle. With the assistance of our partners, Shalheveth is presently in the process of acquiring an urgently necessary new vehicle.

Renovation Projects: ACCESSIBILTY

Project goal: To improve accessibility to the Shalheveth Apartment building through a number of renovations.

A roof over both the front entrance hall and new elevator entrance of Shalheveth apartments in order to protect people while waiting for transportation or for the elevator.


Funding support needed to construct a roof over the front entrance hall is $30,000


Funding support needed to construct a roof over the new elevator entrance is $30,000


In addition we need to install an elevator from the lower street entrance up to the apartment building

Funding support is needed to build the elevator together with funding from the National Insurance Institute

 Personal Empowerment Fund 

The Personal Empowerment Fund provides extra monetary assistance to tenants beyond that provided by National Insurance Institute disability payments. Many tenants do not have family or familial support and struggle to cover items such as heating bills in the winter and vital medical costs.


Technical Assistive Devices Project (TAD):


Funding sought:  $10,000


Assistive technology enables people with disabilities to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing. A number of Shalheveth Apartment tenants have no use of their arms and are in need of assistive technology in order to reach a greater level of independence. The process of finding the appropriate rehabilitative device for people with disabilities includes selecting, locating and training in their use. Such aides include the Integramouse which allows a person to operate a computer by mouth. Typing is done either with an onscreen virtual keyboard or specialized software for voice recognition and control. The unit includes a universal arm mounting system. To use, the operator simply moves the mouthpiece by applying pressure with the lips. Mouse-clicks with the left or the right mouse button are achieved by very slight sucking or blowing. Another example is the Tobii PCEye which allows a person with disabilities to control any computer with the use of eye tracking. For many people who have difficulty using a computer, the stand-alone Tobii PCEye provides easy to use, portable and accurate eye control. This type of technology allows people with disabilities to increase maintain or improve their functional capabilities.