"Bright Lights" project
Providing adults with disabilities with the opportunity to enjoy an ordinary social life, partake in recreational and cultural activities and celebrate holidays in a communal environment.


Our “Bright Lights” program provides cultural, social and holiday activities that take place throughout the year. These include communal meals and celebrations during the Jewish festivals as well as organized trips throughout Israel for people with severe physical disabilities.


Over 100 residents of Jerusalem participate in Shalheveth's social and cultural activities.

The Jerusalem Parliament of Adults with Disabilities convenes four times a year during which dozens of physically challenged adults meet to discuss relevant issues in a friendly and supportive atmosphere while planning cultural activities for the year.

"I want to thank you for organizing the Sabbath dinners. They give us strength and the desire to continue on despite all the difficulties. Just knowing that someone is behind us who cares makes a big difference in my life."


The Jerusalem Parliament of
Adults with Disabilities
Four major events  cultural or recreational Events
for 100 people
$2,000 per event  

Enrichment activities


(gardening course; art class; cooking class)


$1,000 per month per course

including materials

Holiday Celebrations open to the community at
Beit Shalheveth 
(80 people)
$1,500 per event 
Weekly Friday night festive dinners (8 people per dinner) $125 per dinner  
Passover Seder
at a hotel in Eilat or the Dead Sea including hotel, food and wheelchair accessible transportation for 60 people with disabilities and 35 caregivers 
Passover Seder at Beit Shalheveth 
for people who cannot attend the larger Seder outside of Jerusalem (20 people)
4 day/3 night guided tours to different tourist sites throughout Israel


$1,000 per person
including caregiver 

On Passover Shalheveth hosts 40 adults with severe physical disabilities from Shalheveth’s apartment complex, Beit Tamar, Maon Gilo and private homes, together with their caregivers, at a Dead Sea Resort. For 15 years, the seder has been led by Baruch Fisheimer.


Each year, participants speak about the Jewish, extremely emotional experience, full of song and dance. Many talk about truly feeling part of the community. Participants have expressed their appreciation of being able to encounter and celebrate with Israelis holidaying at the hotel in a normative and natural way.


A seder is also held in Beit Shalheveth led by Rabbi Zvi Dardik, the rabbi of a community in the neighborhood. There too participants expressed their joy and their appreciation for being able to have a seder in their own home.

This vital Pesach Project is made possible by the generous support of The Shtieblach Synagogue of Hachish Street Jerusalem together with individual private donors from across the country.