Significant Others​

Realizing the right to have a meaningful and loving relationship

 Our "Significant Others" project provides romantic empowerment opportunities that enable people with disabilities to nurture prospective and current relationships. Many obstacles threaten the stability of a relationship between two people with severe physical disabilities and the support and encouragement provided through this project are often the key to helping couples stay together.

This program is open to those living in Shalheveth’s Apartments and to the community at large. The project helps people with physical disabilities realize their right to have a meaningful and loving relationship with another person of their choosing.

The "Significant Others" project has the capacity to bring about important changes in the way people with disabilities are viewed by the rest of society.  

The project offers workshops throughout the year in cooperation with The Center for Independent Living as well as individual counseling with professionals in the field of sexuality and relationships.


Workshop topics:

  •   Understanding the various implications of being in a relationship

  •   Overcoming emotional barriers in order to initiate a relationship

  •   Improving interpersonal skills and relationship skills between partners

  •  Training regarding how to cope with pressure, anger, rejection and disagreements

  • Awareness training as to the importance of sexual relations for cementing relationships between partners

  • Variety of options for sexual relations for people with severe physical limitations

פנינה של חיים

(Chaim's Pearl)
Chaim and Penina, former tenants of Beit Shalheveth in Jerusalem, fall in love and decide to get married. 

Produced with the support of the Ruderman Foundation 

(c) All Rights Reserved, 2013

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