The Shalheveth Shuttle:

A specially equipped van that provides a vital and previously unavailable option of transportation for people with physical disabilities in Jerusalem


The Shalheveth Shuttle enables adults with physical disabilities, both those living in the Shalheveth apartments and those in the general community, to order transportation services without advance notice, from early morning to late evening, as well as for night time emergencies. Accessible transportation enables them both to work and to take part in normative daily activity, providing reliable and convenient transportation to and from work, business and government offices, medical clinics, stores, malls and restaurants.


The “Shalheveth Shuttle” transportation service is highly successful and constantly in motion and enables adults with physical disabilities to work in the community by providing regular transportation to and from their place of employment; Demand exceeds Shalheveth’s ability to provide transportation services to all those who so desire, with Shalheveth’s van making approximately 5,000 trips a year for Shalheveth Apartment tenants and city residents.






When the van breaks down or needs servicing, our residents are not only inconvenienced but sometimes not able to get to work or to special programs. The van is subject to a great deal of wear and tear, so we must periodically purchase a new vehicle. With the help of our partners, Shalheveth is now in the process of acquiring an urgently needed new vehicle.